• DW connects with local LGBTQ high school literature class during their media presentations

    DW connects with local LGBTQ high school literature class during their media presentations

    Recently I was invited to present for Ms. Sara Barber-Just's LGBTQ literature class, at Amherst Regional High School, in Amherst Massachusetts.  I had some real and honest conversations with the young folks in the room. The lecture portion was spent sharing how my experiences with my own intersectionalities have inspired me to challenge patriarchal ways of thinking, explore my own traumas, and understand how loving myself is a protest.  Our discussion gave the students an opportunity to reflect on my artistic process in formulating the media introduction of my stage play Fb: Buoyancy ( A Hip Hop Theater Works). 

    I've spent so much time "doing."  Preparing for this particular presentation gave me a moment to be real with myself.  I realized I had not checked in with myself or acknowledged how draining the artistic process can be.  Watching my performance in the media piece, with the students, brought back disturbances I hadn't taken time to really sift through.  My feelings on giving some of my story to mainstream in order for people to actually want to consume my art.  The feelings of knowing that not many people would have actually cared to watch if I hadn't collaborated with cis white men. The feeling of constantly questioning my capabilities, honoring my visions, and being an artist inspired by a culture often dismissing my very identity. 

    Reflecting in those 5 minutes, while the video played for the class, inspired this post.  

    I'd like to personally thank Ms. Barber-Just for carving out space and time for this conversation to take place. I'd also like to thank the students for challenging the common narrative.  Thank you to the readers of this post.

    until next time...:)